Explaindio Pro Slide Pack of 4 WhiteBoard Character

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard videos, also known as scribe videos, pencil sketch videos, and high speed sketch videos, are videos with static images that you can see being “drawn” on screen. There are a lot of pros to choosing whiteboard animation for your explainer video needs. Overall, whiteboard videos are a much more intimate experience. Since each scene is drawn, your audience gets much more time with each image. Studies have shown that while audiences often give up on online videos if they aren’t entertained after the first 30 seconds, whiteboard videos have a 75% audience retention rate for up to two full minutes of video.

Now you too can create a professional whiteboard animation video for promoting your business, product, website or service. It’s super easy and it takes less than 1 hour…What are you waiting for? preview video now.

Pack of 4 Include :  

  1. Success Whiteboard 1 – Business (20 slides)
  2. Success Whiteboard 1 – Industrial (20 slides)
  3. Success Whiteboard 1 – Medical Doctor (20 slides)
  4. Success Whiteboard 1 – Food Bakery (20 slides)

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Explaindio Pro Slide Pack of 4 WhiteBoard Character

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